Sunday, March 28, 2010

Landmines: My misadventures in the land of parental divorce and computers...

The same week my mother is unceremoniously served less than courteous divorce papers from my father -  on St. Patty's Day no less! Totally ruined my favorite drinking holiday. However, Easter is coming up so I'll just make up for it then.
                "He is risen!"
                                        "He is risen indeed!"

Now, if he could only make everyone SANE again, that would be great.

Anyway, in that same week of extreme emotional turmoil my horrid HP laptop dies. We've never really gotten along very well, and in it's final moments it spites me one last time by taking all the contents I never should have trusted it with along for the final boat ride. Grrrr... when it rains, it shit storms.

Isn't that how the saying goes? Well, if it isn't then perhaps it should. I will take the initiative in starting the trend.

I was then told by a professional "geek" that the cost for retrieving all lost files would begin at $250.00. Begin. Meaning, it will actually end up costing me a lot more to retrieve files from the dead hard drive.

Here's the Lilac part of all this. I'm a stickler when it comes to backing things up. Well, important things anyway. Some very funny party photos are going to be sacrificed to the hard drive graveyard. But all my buisness files and creative writings are safe.

Also, three years ago I abandoned my dying Toshiba during it's time of need and bought the lying cantankerous HP. Apparently three years of down time was all it needed to heal, and for me to come crawling back for forgiveness. I'm quite happy to be reunited with my Toshiba. I was very sad when it stopped working. I have so much fun writing on it, something in the way the keys click ... it's musical ...

Anyway, for now the computer situation has worked itself out, as these things often do. And I'm sure the parental situation will work out in the end. However, the casualties sacfrificed to someone's midlife crisis may be more significant than what was left behind on a silly hard drive.

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  1. the thing about landmines is that you don't seem them coming.

    lilacs, on the other hand, you can smell for miles.

    ... and i can't figure out how to make that metaphor work in an encouraging way. something about good always being there. mumble mumble.

    i'm always around. :) when are we going to the conservatory? i want to see the spring flowers.